Scaffolding Erecting & Material Supply


Nashville Petroleum Services Co. goal is to provide scaffolding safety with experienced and qualified personel ensuring worry free scaffolds and scaffolding services. The scaffolding trade is taken seriously as professionals work in all types of environments and at heights that require expertise. Company take care of the logistics, ordering materials, arranging freight, inspecting scaffolding materials and equipment, abiding by all applicable rules and governing regulations, and scheduling men. Decisions are made during pre-planning and through continual involvement from the management team at the field level, beginning to end aiding in productivity and cost savings. Crews can vary from one to several hundred trained scaffolders depending the needs of the project NPSC provides all the necessary scaffold material, personal protective equipment, tools and equipment required to erect/dismantle scaffolding safely and efficiently. What makes NPSC different is the involvement in pre-planning, support and supervision of crews ensuring the best value possible. NPSC client-minded culture is conveyed down to the field crews by management who work with them closely, setting us apart from other scaffolding companies.

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